Free tools for healthy Activisms

These are tools for the long game, as well as, the immediate, in the fight for social justice. They are

tools to help activists build trust, as they build bonds necessary for coalition, while engaged in political

campaigns to repair and replace the systems and legal structures that oppress the voices and will of the

people. They are diversity and communication driven tools, so that we can fight on multiple levels of

identity and fusion politics, in an honest effort to address the needs of all people. Peruse them, use

them, they are free for your use. Feel free to develop them as your first business when engaging the tool

presented and entitled, Build an Economic Engine. This is the time where it will benefit you to honor the

words of your grandmother when she said, “never look a gift horse in the mouth” accept this gift in

gratitude and make use of them.

Suggestions for Use:

Begin with the prevention and healing tools entitled “Burnout”. It’s a tool designed to improve

wellbeing and reduce inner conflict. It is a necessary tool for activists engaged in an ever changing

dynamic, which results from the pursuit of the mission of your organization. It is an excellent tool for

resistance fatigue. It literally takes only three minutes twice a day to get started.

Next I suggest you take a look at the tools for building an economic engine, for your organization,

because it creates a space for building economic independence. The tool provides a business plan

format, a formula for success and an inspirational story of a business entrepreneur combined with

historical analysis geared for today’s activism, in social, environmental and economic justice

movements. Finally, this tool can be implemented by developing the Coalition Bridge Tool Suite into a

first business. Should you choose not to use the economic engine, do use the chapter entitled, The

Power of Story, for use with the 2 nd and 3 rd Coalition Bridge Tool Suite.

Lastly, use the Coalition Bridge Tool Suite immediately, to build the necessary bonds of trust, in

effectively engaging and communicating with others outside your usual mix of contacts, when building

political campaigns. I suggest you use them first with the usual mix of contacts, to gage familiarity and

work out any kinks in your style of presentation.

My name is Simone Sydnor, I am a retired through disability Physical and Health Educator, Activists,

Alternative Healer, Diversity Skills Trainer and Writer. I can be reached at

These tools are my gift to you and to an America moving closer to the promise and ideals of its



Simone Sydnor