About Mind Tools

What we're about.

Hatcheptsut’s Mind Tools is an Educational organization that looks to build coalitions and share information and alternative vision amongst various social justice organizations. It is a proprietary and not a nonprofit organization that is seeking to fill the void left by shrinking union participation by providing communication tools for Social Justice Organization’s to build coalition and power. There is power in numbers. The site will raise awareness for those who use the tools for Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Affective Development, Diversity Training, Communication Enhancement Strategies, and Leadership Development. In addition, there is a tool for creating a business to power your organization, as well as, a tool to effectively handle and heal from conflict, affecting well being, produced from exposure to consistent and rapid change that can lead to burnout, over time.

Those who actually run the workshop will achieve mastery in all the aforementioned areas in a relatively short period of time.


Simone Sydnor.

My name is Simone Sydnor and I am a retired through disability, Physical and Health Educator, Diversity and Leadership Training Facilitator, Alternative Healer and Writer. I created this site out of a desire to be a better global citizen and give something back to the planet, by creating tools that raise awareness, improve listening, and communication skills, in addition to reducing violence in thought and deed.

Writer, diversity skills trainer and retired alternative healer.

It is a drop in the ocean of love and concern for humanities future with the intent of having a butterfly effect of spreading the seeds of compassion and growth to those who do the hard work of community activism, raising their voices for us all.

Mission Statement

Provides free tools for social justice organizations.

Hatcheptsut’s Mind Tools is an information website which provides free tools for social justice organizations, to expand their vision, work more compassionately and effectively within their organization, while building coalition with other organizations in their efforts to build a power base. Climate change provides the perfect comprehensive vehicle for forging alliances and organizing principles around the experiences of environmental injustice, social injustice, and economic injustice. The wealth gap lies at the root of climate change, but the problem lies even deeper. The fundamental problem lies in the way we use language to conceptualize reality. Binary thinking is what most sociologist call the oppositional comparative way we make sense of the world, which is inherently violent. I call it Oppositional Pathways and Perceptual Viewing. It is the mission of this site to provide tools to reduce this inherent violence in our language, and perceptions of our world by providing tools to link us to solutions that improve communication and reduce that violence. The Coalition Bridge Tools do just that. Research tools are provided for those who want to expand the theory and create new tools for forming perceptions that are less inherently violent. We the people are the government, and there seems to be a zeitgeist movement amongst the super rich to defund our government under the guise of non-profit formations, war and other tax avoidance schemes. This organization is not a non-profit; it is the model for a zeitgeist movement to keep government funded to protect the people from those of means who do harm to the planet, and avoid paying taxes.